Love is Power Body Exfoliant

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LOVE IS POWER™️ body exfoliant is a great addition to your bathing or shower routine. It’s packed with stimulating and love invoking plants like damiana, passionflower, and cacao to name a few. Use it as scrub in the shower or bath - doubles as a luxurious body mask! 

Fragrance notes: floral, chocolate, earth

Ingredients: Ground rice+, rosehip powder+, hibiscus powder+, rose petal powder+, fair trade cacao powder+, damiana powder+, passionflower powder+, red clay, ground sucrose+, vanilla bean extract+, fair trade vanilla bean+, proprietary blend of organic essential oils  +organic

Usage: Mix desired amount of exfoliant with water or oil of your choice until it forms a thick paste. Use on dry or damp skin to exfoliate the body and invoke love.