Heart Bath™

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The Heart Bath™ experience is an herbal bath preparation in the comfort of your home paired with a one on one consultation, the Body Matters™ package, and a spatial smoke clearing.

Each Body Matters™ package includes customized, handcrafted organic wellness formulas to enhance your Heart Bath™:

Mood Bath™ - A soothing combination of organic herbs, spices, essential oils, dead sea salt and magnesium chloride / eight ounces

Bathing Oil™ - Concentrated formulation of plant and resin based aromas in a natural oil base / one ounce

Total Tuning™ - Organic, wild lavender hydrosol charged with crystal singing bowl sound waves for total tuning of the body following your Heart Bath™ / two ounces

Crystal Clearance™ - Large salt charged quartz crystal to nurture and center during your Heart Bath™

Recommended frequency:
Every four weeks

All services are available by appointment only. There is a Google calendar linked on the homepage for you to review available dates. Bathing Yoga™ is a one person practice; you are asked to send an email using the experience request form BEFORE completing your purchase.