Cleaning House™

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The Cleaning House™ experience is an energetic cleansing of your home/space. Your practitioner will arrive with their own broom and herbal, crystal charged cleansing formulations to aid in the removal of stagnant, unwanted energies and invocation of positive vibes. This service will include smoke clearing, sweeping, Reiki and a light washing of surfaces with herbal cleansing formulations.

Ideally, you will utilize this service as the final touch after you have cleaned the respective space; Cleaning House™ is solely for energetic cleansing and is not a maid service.

Base price is $108 + $44 per room

Additional fees may be charged depending on specifics of the space i.e., layout, square footage, etc.

Recommended frequency:
As needed according to vibrational health, season, and life events

All services are available by appointment only. There is a Google calendar linked on the homepage for you to review available dates. Bathing Yoga™ is a one person practice; you are asked to send an email using the experience request form BEFORE completing your purchase.