Bathing Salt™

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Soothe your skin and relax your body while you absorb the therapeutic benefits of mineral rich salts and magnesium flakes. Bathing Salt™ is a handcrafted blend comprised of five salts including sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, maris sal, Hawaiian red alaea salt, Hawaiian black salt - plus magnesium flakes, coconut milk powder, baking soda and organic essential oils. We recommend pairing the Bathing Salt™ with our Bathing Tea™ for the ultimate bathing experience.

Fragrance notes: fresh, green, beachy


Quench and soothe dehydrated skin with COCONUT MILK POWDER>> high concentration of lauric acid naturally protects microbiome

Relax stressed muscles with MAGNESIUM FLAKES>> magnesium chloride is absorbed transdermally and is reported to support many systems in the body

Exfoliate and reveal radiant skin with MARIS SAL>> mineral rich salt from the Dead Sea exfoliates and nourishes skin


Ingredients: sea salt, magnesium chloride flakes, sodium bicarbonate, maris sal, hawaiian red alaea sea salt, pink himalayan salt, coconut milk powder (coconut milk, tapioca maltodextrin, gum acacia), hawaiian black sea salt, proprietary blend or organic essential oils

Net weight: 8oz


Usage: Pour one to three tablespoons in warm water, allow time for salts to dissolve. Soak in bath, follow with body serum.