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We've put together a bathing bundle for you! Get one bathing tea , two copal incense, and three dollars off your next purchase (we'll include a promo code with your bundle)! See below for product descriptions:


Bathing Tea™ is a proprietary blend of organic herbs, flowers, spices, seaweed, essential oils and natural resins handcrafted in a single batch and individually packaged in four by five inch heat sealed tea bags. The essential oils are always organic and are Ecocert® certified where available. Each batch of Bathing Tea™ is blended with our custom aromatic formula of organic essential oils and natural resins. Have some time to yourself to decompress, relax and meditate while soaking in the restorative properties of Bathing Tea™. Whether you are bathing for relaxation or pain relief, Bathing Tea™ is a natural addition to your wellness practice and also makes a great foot soak, hair rinse, or hydrosol.

Fragrance notes: creamy, floral, woody, musk


Soothe and repair dry skin with antioxidant rich MUGWORT>> anti-bacterial, aromatic high in vitamin E

Detoxify the skin with iodine rich BLADDERWRACK>> brown seaweed naturally aids smoothing and toning of the skin

Calm your mood and rest easy with resinous HOPS FLOWERS>> many terpenes found in cannabis are shared with hops to relax and soothe muscles, ease painful menstrual cramps and relieve dandruff when used as a hair rinse


Ingredients: rosehips+, bladderwrack+, chamomile flowers+, ginger root+, mugwort+, holy basil leaf+, hibiscus flowers+, cardamom pods+, calendula flowers+, black peppercorns+, red rose petals+, nettle leaf+, raspberry leaf+, white sage leaf+, lavender flowers+, hops flowers+, red clover flowers+, proprietary blend of natural resins & organic essential oils

Net Weight: 12g (package contains one tea bag)


Usage: Place teabag in hot bath water, steep for ten to fifteen minutes. Soak in bath, follow with body serum. // +organic - for external use only - contains iodine - do not use while pregnant or nursing

Preparing a hair rinse*: Steep one teabag of Bathing Tea™ overnight in thirty-two ounces of hot water. Remove tea bag.

Reserve half a cup for hydrosol, dilute 1:1 with filtered water and store in spray bottle. Refrigerate remaining undiluted tea in glass jar. Rinse hair with chilled tea. Keep hair rinse/hydrosol stored in refrigerator up to seven days.

Preparing a foot soak: Steep one teabag of Bathing Tea™ for ten to fifteen minutes in thirty-two ounces of hot water. Remove teabag. Pour tea into prepared foot bath.

 *Bathing Tea™ is made with all natural ingredients and may stain.


Copal Incense:

These mini charcoal incense sticks are hand rolled in copal resin, an aromatic resin wildcrafted from the trunks of the Buresa tree family. Copal resin has been used for centuries in southern Mexico as an offering to the gods and as a powerful force to purify and clear unwanted energies with it's earthy, balsam, woody aroma. Similar to palo santo and white sage, copal is burned to energetically cleanse, renew and strenghten the physical space and auric body.

Light the incense and blow out the flame once you see an ember. Each incense stick burns forty to sixty minutes, forming a thick, fragrant smoke.

Please use caution when burning incense.