The Bathing Yoga™ Experience


The Bathing Yoga Experience™ offerings include: guided crystal singing bowl meditation; quartz crystal programming; vibrational clearing; spatial smoke clearing; herbal bath preparation; altar building; handcrafted wellness formulas.

Book Absolute Clearance™ for a complete Bathing Yoga™ experience or build your own by selecting one or more offerings from the selections.

Bathing Yoga™ practitioner, Jai Simran Kaur

Jai Simran is a certified energy healer and master level Reiki practitioner who was drawn to crystal singing bowls as a means to deepen their yogic expression and discipline. This practice aided in their recovery from alcohol dependency and depression. Bathing Yoga™ was birthed from the need to offer healing modalities in the ways they practiced for years, in the ways that worked for them by combining intentional herbal formulations with meditative sound bathing, spatial clearing, altar building, herbal baths, and quartz programming.

You have the option to book Quartz Program™ at The Future. Otherwise, all services are offered as private experiences in the comfort of your home.

Book Quartz Program™ Experience at The Future

Bathing Yoga™ is a one person practice; you are asked to send an email using the experience request form BEFORE completing your purchase.

All services are offered on an appointment only basis within the Minneapolis/St.Paul area. There is a Google calendar linked on the homepage for you to review available dates.

Once we have communicated which offerings you will be selecting, you will receive further instructions to remit payment.

Interested in group bookings?…Special events?…Include all info in your contact form and Jai Simran will respond within 24-48 business hours.